Version 1.1

The Individualist Community Manifest

The aim of this manifest is to organize the [INSERT PROJECT NAME HERE] (henceforth "The Project" or "Project") under the laws of [INSERT HERE EITHER YOUR COUNTRY, STATE, PROVINCE, TERRITORY OR MUNICIPALITY]. When the guidelines described here conflict with the law, the law takes precedence.

We, the contributors and maintainers of The Project (henceforth "We"), recognize and respect each others rights to ideology, religion, opinion, identity, freedom of speech and physical safety (henceforth "The Rights" or "Rights"). The Rights are fundamental to all of us, independent of any physical or cultural characteristic.

We believe in "The Libre Community Principle", which is best summarized by:

  1. We come together solely to advance the goals of The Project. The only assumption we make about each other is that everyone will do their best to advance the goals of The Project within the boundaries of our community;
  2. One of us is only said to be representing The Project (henceforth "The Representative") online or in real life, if through vote or the decision of The Project leader, s/he is chosen and agrees to do so. This decision must be made public through The Projects page;
  3. We do not expect others to make any kind of sacrifice for a greater good.

We believe in "The Merit of Individual Contributions", which is best summarized by:

  1. Contributions to The Project should be analyzed one by one, without concern for the person that submitted it in any form, such as previous contributions, academic achievements, gender, ethnicity, religion, political ideology or physical characteristic;
  2. Contributions to The Project that are conflicting or controversial should be analyzed with objective measurements such as statistics, benchmarks or mathematical proofs. If an objective measurement is not possible or not very reliable, it is acceptable to use solid engineering principles, preferably ones that have already been successfully employed in other projects or that can be referred to in textbooks or peer reviewed papers. If we are not able to use solid engineering principles there will be a voting or The Project leader will decide.

We commit to providing a harassment-free environment to each other within this community by following those rules:

  1. All Project and community related communication should be made through the community official communication channels (henceforth "The Channels");
  2. All communications on The Channels or by The Representative should respect The Rights of other members and third parties. The default way to do so is to use the GNU Kind Communications Guidelines;
  3. It follows from our belief in The Libre Community Principle that we should not suffer any kind reprehension within The Channels for exercising our Rights outside of The Channels, as long as we are not acting as The Representative.

This text is published under the Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 4.0) License.